Friday, January 27, 2012

Be A Johnny Appleread

Flyleaf Books is recruiting "givers" for World Book Night.  You must sign up to be a giver before THE NEW DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT 6 FEBRUARY.  The actual day for giving away 20 paperback copies of a book isn't until 23 April.

The organizers are encouraging people to spread their love of reading and books to nonreaders and those who don't have easy access to books.  Suggested places to give books are coffee shops, hospitals, churches, community centers, shelters, shopping mall parking lots, movie theaters, town halls, the DMV, grocery stores, barber shops, salons and anywhere else people gather who may need a good book to read.

If you are approved as a giver, you will pick up 20 copies of your selected book at Flyleaf Books on Monday, 16 April.  We will host a meet and greet party for all givers of books.  

Click to see the list of books you can choose from to give away. 

It's quick and easy to register to be a giver.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link to the application. 

Join in the fun.  Ask you friends and family to participate.  Share your joy of reading and books.

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