Thursday, October 3, 2013

New developments in the digital world of Flyleaf Books

All of this internet work was almost as fun as playing with a little kitten, but not quite as entertaining as observing  a kitten with expert computer skills. 
Chalk it up to reading too much Mr. Penumbra, but lately, I've had an urge to settle on our own little piece of internet territory. Like the great pioneers before me, I have spent long and arduous days journeying an unknown land, developing new areas so that my predecessors can reap the rewards (...actually, it was super easy).

If you'd like to validate the hours/minutes that have gone into retweeting, Instagramming, Tumblring, and the like, check out the following links, and add them to your bookmarks or what have you:

  • Tumblr: Original content, plus lots of cool things culled from around the web.
  • Pinterest: Quick & to-the-point posts about things we like and what we're reading.
  • Facebook: The original internet presence, in which we divulge just about everything.
  • Twitter: Concision (which is hard, for booksellers & writers).
That does it for today. Thanks for helping us spread the word -- or words, as the case may be.

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