Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Species Argument

I have to give my fellow blogger Laurie Cochenour credit for alerting me to this piece of fascinating internet ephemera: What Reader Species Are You?. Posted on the Paris Review blog, this infographic attempts to taxonomize readers into more and more specific subcategories, modeled after the Linnaean system (domain/class/family/genus/species). Take a moment to appreciate the diversity that exists under the umbrella of "reader" and see if you can spot where you fit in. I am, to quote the infographic, a "cross-bred reader mutt." 

Hankus Stephenicus
Domain: Reader
Class: Book Lover
Family: Compulsive
Genus: Book Cherisher
Species: The Hoarder/The Chronological Reader/The Immersive Reader 

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