Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Recipe for a Perfect Summer Afternoon

ISBN-10: 1476733953
ISBN-13: 9781476733951
Published: Simon & Schuster, 03/12/2013
Pages: 528
Language: English
Wake up late, eat brunch, play with your cats, and then let the good times roll.

1. Eat an ice cream sandwich at Foster's Market. The Flyleaf staff is addicted, according to the number of wrappers currently occupying our kitchen trashcan.

2. Pick up a book that'll transport you from Chapel Hill or Carrboro to... anywhere, really. I was hankering for something dystopian and science-fiction based, so I went for one of fellow blog author Hank's picks, Wool, by Hugh Howey, whose premise so far reminds me a lot of Lois Lowry's The Giver. Other good picks I'd recommend, which range from sci-fi to literary fiction to easy-to-read YA: Michael Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Hilary Jordan's When She Woke, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (Mike read this one), or anything by Sarah Dessen, the master of the summer beach coming-of-age tale.

3. Head to Jordan Lake, Duke Gardens, the Eno River, or if you're feeling particularly strapping, the Occoneechee trail in Hillsborough (which is steep but breathtaking!). All of these are within half an hour of most towns in and around the Triangle, and all of them offer rocks, beaches, or benches where you can plop down with your book of choice.

4. Take an (intentional or unintentional) nap in the sunshine. Be sure to wear sunscreen!

5. If you need A/C, check out an arthouse or avant garde movie at The Chelsea.
If you want more sunshine, go grab a cocktail on Lucha Tigre's patio.

6. Treat yourself to some mussels or a summer salad at Kitchen, or head to Neal's Deli for a pimiento cheese sandwich.

7. Head home, put on a record, and grow even more immersed in what might be your new favorite book.

8. Meet friends for a leisurely summer hang at a local restaurant with more outdoor seating -- Milltown, Carrburrito's, Caffe Driade, etc.

9. Head to bed early, and then read into the wee hours of the night.

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