Monday, August 1, 2011

And now for something completely different

I’m on vacation this week and what that means for me is lots of time to read.  Are you missing Lisbeth Salander?  Me, too.  Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole won’t fill that void in your reading, but he may make room in your heart for the love of another Scandinavian crime solver.  Nesbo has a knack for vivid description and intricate plotting.  Although Nesbo is Norwegian and Larsson was Swedish, they share a love of their respective countries.  Both writers describe the settings of their novels in great detail; enough to make you want to take a trip to each using their books as tour guides.  

Nesbo’s books have been published slowly in the US and slightly out-of-order. The translations are very well done. I expect Nesbo’s US publisher, Knopf, will work hard to secure rights to the titles below not yet published in the US and get them into waiting American hands.  (The linked titles below are available at Flyleaf Books just click on the link to order your copy.)

Bibliography, Jo Nesbo (adult fiction)
  • The Bat Man (Flagger­mus­mannen - 1997)* NT
  • The Cockroaches - (Kaker­lakkene - 1998)* NT
  • The Redbreast - 2006 (Rødstrupe - 2000)*
  • (Karusellmusikk - 2001, short stories) NT
  • Nemesis - 2008 (Sorgenfri - 2002)*
  • The Devil's Star - 2005 (Marekors - 2003)*
  • The Redeemer - 2009 (Frelseren - 2005)*
  • The Snowman- 2010 (Snømannen - 2007)*
  • Headhunters (Hode­jegerne - 2008) NT
  • The Leopard- 2011 (Panser­hjerte - 2009)*
  • Gjensyn - 2011 *

English title and year of publication, Norwegian title and year of publication in parentheses.
*means it is a Harry Hole novel
NT is not yet translated
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