Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

I finished reading Sister by Rosemund Lupton last night.  If you are a sister or have a sister you will want to read this book.  It’s touching in many ways, but particularly in the main character Beatrice’s (known as Bee) insistence that she knows her sister Tess better than anyone else and therefore does not believe she has committed suicide.  Instead, Bee insists that Tess was murdered and is driven to find out who killed her.  The story is an exploration of how intimate knowledge gained from growing up in the same family changes over time and with distance.  During the search for Tess’s killer Bee confirms she knew her sister well, maybe better than she knows herself.  

This is Lupton’s first novel. The time shifts and some other devices might be confusing or seem superficial for a reader of thrillers, but this book is much more than that.  I suggest book clubs consider adding it to their reading lists.  It would make for a provocative group discussion.  

Both tear-jerking and spine-tingling, “Sister” provides an adrenaline rush that could cause a chill on the sunniest afternoon — which, perhaps, the friendly company of a sister or two (or, in a pinch, a brother) might help to dispel.  

Liesl Schillinger in the New York Times Book Review

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