Monday, March 7, 2011

When I moved to North Carolina a little over five years ago, I had very little knowledge of the state’s plethora of accomplished writers. Working in a bookstore quickly changed my perception of this state’s literary prowess (not to mention watching authors – New York Times Bestsellers, NPR notables, award winners, and even a New Yorker “20 Under 40” – peruse our shelves).

In honor of our local writers from Thomas Wolfe to Wells Tower, from the mountains to the coast, we’ve constructed a table to celebrate our fabulous novelists, poets, essayists, and memoirists. Now this isn’t just any ordinary table; a plain table sprinkled with books isn’t really all that original or spectacular, right? So why not make a table unique to both our state and our writers? Bookseller/artist extraordinaire Molly was all for this project. After a few minutes of searching for recycled material, construction paper, and lots of tape we soon had our spiffy North Carolina table. Here are the results!

The Mountains

The Piedmont

The Coast

Stop on by Flyleaf Books if you’d like to see our table in 3D (it’s all the rage now, apparently) or leave a comment and let us know which North Carolinian authors you adore.


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